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Mission & Key Values

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Griggs International Academy seeks to inspire learning,
transform lives and serve the world.

Griggs International Academy seeks to inspire learning, transform lives and serve the world.



Each student should conduct him/herself as uniquely endowed with talents and abilities that are developed by receiving a character building and academically rigorous education. Teachers encourage analytical and open thought processes enabling students to maintain a deportment of a confident individual in society.



Students develop an international mindset that will enable them to acknowledge the ambitions and accomplishments of others. Teachers integrate and champion a variety of opinions and cultural perspectives of current and historical events. All events presented will demonstrate a broad spectrum of religions, nationalities, and race.



Students are encouraged to uplift one another by demonstrating humility and consideration for all through learning that is community-centered and redemptive. Teachers hold students to a high standard of service toward others, preparing students to be productive and moral global citizens.



Students are nurtured to be individuals who stand true to the GIA key values learned in each discipline studied and through an established school-wide ethos. Teachers encourage students to consider the impact of all actions as an integral part of daily living. By embodying the GIA student profile of: seekers, affirmers, changers—students understand that they are part of a worldwide solution for providing constructive solutions for social betterment.

Student Profile

Seekers of knowledge

Affirmers of values

Changers of the world


The Griggs teaching methodology allows for a unique learner experience and exposes students to learning that will build upon previous knowledge and allow students to make not only personal connections, but local and global connections too. The GIA concepts of the Key Values, Incorporating Local Culture and Making Cross-curriculum Connections are intertwined, and our teaching reflects that. These concepts and connections are taught using the GIA learning approaches of Active Learning Activities, Constructivism and Content Language Integrated Learning to reinforce the Learner Profile of Seekers of Knowledge, Affirmers of Values and Changers of the World.

This methodology allows students to develop a natural curiosity for learning. It enables students to apply knowledge and thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems to make reasoned, and ethical decisions and ensures they can express their ideas with facts, confidently and creatively working effectively and willingly in collaboration with others.


When looking for an international education program to ensure the best outcomes for their children, parents need to know what makes each program different. Through having an established network of schools at Griggs China, we are unique in that we can share ideas to implement the Griggs teaching methodology, which focuses on the key values of dignity, honor, respect and integrity, build on students’ prior experiences and allow students scope for discussion, analysis and implementation of knowledge gained through instruction from teachers who are experts in their field.

Assessments on a regular basis are far more useful than teaching to a test and we evaluate our quality of education and the academic growth of students over the long-term allowing students to succeed with less pressure placed upon them.

We tailor our courses to be accessible to all students and offer students opportunities to challenge their academic abilities through honor classes and Advanced Placement courses, delivered by specialists in their field.






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