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Benefits of Griggs Education

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For Schools

As a Griggs China affiliate, schools can benefit from:

  • Extensive history of working with international schools. GIA began in 1909 with international students. This history is valuable in working with the complexities of global education in the 21st century.
  • Professional and experienced educators that work with Griggs worldwide.
  • Consultants in the areas of academics, administration, and legal matters.
  • Accreditations with Middle States, AAA and approved by the State of Maryland (American Regional/State).
  • Sites to help recruit school administrators, directors, and teachers.
  • Approval process for hiring qualified teachers.
  • Guidelines and policies for managing an international school.
  • Annual visits from GIA personnel for support and evaluation.
  • Standardized testing options for language and academics success.
  • Full American or Top Up Diploma option.
  • Online university credit for qualified high school students.
  • Supplemental online course for qualified students.
  • Standards (high school) and Scope and Sequence (K–8) provided.
  • Certificates for program or level completions.
  • Summer/Winter Camps provided.
  • Exchange student options.
  • Connections to American universities.
  • Meetings with seniors for college application information.
  • Benefits of being owned and operated by Andrews University.

For Teachers

As a Griggs China teacher, you will be fully supported by experienced administrators in school and from Griggs China. Teachers will also benefit from:

  • The chance to educate unique and exceptional students.
  • Ongoing professional development.
  • An open forum for feedback.
  • Consideration for your mental health and wellbeing.
  • An opportunity to work with and interact with an international cohort of teachers across China.
  • Living and working in a safe, geographically diverse country with an opportunity to travel within China and beyond.

Furthermore, a Griggs China teacher has the key role and flexibility of interpreting, developing, and delivering the programs offered by Griggs. Teachers can create their own program of study, ensuring that the curriculum experienced by students is aligned with the prescribed subject aims, objectives and content, and is adapted to the local context. Effective delivery of the curriculum requires teachers to be reflective practitioners who are critically self-aware of their own teaching and who model the thinking and approaches they expect of their students.

For Students

As a global educational institution, Griggs International Academy strives to provide an educationally sound, values-based education that builds an honourable foundation for citizenship in the global community. The programs and courses offered by Griggs, respond to learner needs in the context of a lifetime learning experience.

GIA serves students in many different countries and provides accredited education that is ethically grounded and infused with values. We participate as consultants and coaches with schools, administrators, teachers, and students to help students become lifelong learners in international settings. GIA is constantly in a growth pattern—making changes that will enhance the program and serve our schools more effectively.

Providing excellent education is our priority in working with our schools. We understand that each school setting has unique situations, and we can devise options that will help create a program that fits students’ needs.





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