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Why admit Griggs students?

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At Griggs China, our student centred and values-based approach to learning, ensures that students not only succeed academically, but also socially and morally too, becoming future changers of the world. Our students will be an asset to any University as they bring with them a sense of self-worth, skills in interpersonal relationships, and the ability to respond with sensitivity to the needs of others.

Through Griggs teaching, they will have developed an understanding of cultural and historical heritages, and an affirmation in the belief in the dignity and worth of others.

Our students adopt a systematic, logical, and key values-based approach to decision-making and problem-solving, recognize the importance of effective communication, develop an appreciation of the beautiful, both in nature and in human expression, and develop a work ethic with an appreciation for the dignity of service.

Our students truly are seekers of knowledge, affirmers of values and changers of the world.





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