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GIA partners with schools in different countries to add value to the institution’s decision to become a global educational option for their students. With GIA’s accreditation, international schools will be allowed to offer American diplomas and certificates to students that fulfil the GIA requirements. The programs can be designed to fit the needs of a particular school as long as the accreditation requirements are met.

The services we offer are as follows:

  • Provide the syllabus of each course accredited by the U.S. government
  • Recommend appropriate textbooks and purchasing methods
  • Interview and select academic principals
  • Instructing the establishment of the program's academic committee and providing guidance and constructive advice.
  • Assist the school's human resources department in recruiting foreign teachers and instruct the academic principal in selecting foreign teachers and bilingual teachers who meet the requirements.
  • Provide annual teacher training and guidance to the Academic Principal in the induction and daily training of new teachers.
  • Provide daily guidance and counseling on school operation.
  • Provide centralized evaluation and guidance on teaching quality during the semester.
  • Provide registration and on-site service for credit summer camps, overseas research projects and various international competitions.
  • Provide services for students to study abroad and apply for scholarships.





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