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Professional Development

Griggs is constantly working to embolden and enlighten its educators in effective educational practices. We provide ongoing professional development to affiliate schools through the delivery of ongoing training, based on the needs of new faculty and as a result of visits to schools to meet teachers and discuss the needs of their students and the future of education.


GIA Training

Based on the educational requirements of the United States of America, the Griggs curriculum requires teachers to provide a world view to students. Our training encourages teachers to develop curriculum, which integrates a variety of opinions and cultural perspectives to encourage an analytical and open thought process amongst students. Our training program is reviewed regularly to ensure that we train our teachers to deliver first class education to the next generation.

Further information can be found in our Training Brochure.

GIA Teacher Certification

Andrews University and Griggs International Academy (GIA) provides opportunities on the graduate level for achieving GIA and/or State of Michigan elementary and secondary certification. Candidates may work towards certification without being in a degree program or they may complete certification requirements while taking courses required for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.

Further information can be found in our Teacher Certification Brochure.

Postgraduate Study at Andrews University

Andrews University offer a rich variety of graduate academic programs. Furthermore, Griggs teachers can receive a 50% discount on tuition for an online degree program. Further information can be found at






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