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Griggs has a flexible system of education. Griggs students may enroll for an entire grade or for individual subjects. This enables our education programs to be adaptable to benefit one student or an entire school. The diverse range of schools that currently offer Griggs educational programs shows that there is no requirement to adopt a standardized approach. Indeed, the challenge in implementing a program is to ensure the program fits the unique school context, preserving the school’s identity and characteristics.

Some schools choose to introduce Griggs educational programs as a twin track system, which supplements the local, national or other international programs and qualifications. Other schools offer the Griggs educational programs in its full operation (as opposed to a section within a school) and fully adapt the Griggs philosophy and school practices.

US Diploma

Our US Diploma Program provides the same level of academic standards which are required by regional accreditation bodies of public and private schools in the USA.

The course content of each subject can be tailored according to the specialization of the teacher, who is able to extend the learning environment to meet the needs of the students. Griggs uses a summative assessment developed with our teachers internationally. This process invites creativity and ensures that our students flourish academically.

Our curriculum programs for elementary school, middle school, and high school are interactive in their approach allowing students to be seekers of knowledge, affirmers of values and changers of the world.

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Top Up Diploma
Dual Diploma

We have combined multidisciplinary English language lessons and STEAM to develop academic language learning. In conjunction with first language instruction, non-English-speaking students receive core curriculum instruction along with English language lessons.

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  • High School (grades 10-12)
  • Middle School Program (grades 7-9)
  • Elementary School (grades 1-6)
  • Kindergarten
Music and Arts

The Music and Arts Certificate Program allows students to learn about a variety of art forms, with practical, hands-on experience. As they progress through each grade, students will learn through practice and play, and they will be exposed to many artists and the history that shaped their work. Students will become knowledgeable about these artists through discussing works of art and creating their own artwork and music. Students will also learn about the elements of art and principles of design.

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Summer Camp

GIA offers enrichments/educational programs that help make the international experience vivid to the students. Programs are adapted to fit the needs of the GIA partners each year. They may include the following:

- Summer camps in Asia, Europe and North America
- Cultural exchanges in Asia, Europe, North America and South America
- University workshops in Asia, Europe and North America
- Language tours in Asia, Europe, North America and South America

These enrichments may include discipline choices such as science, architecture, business, government, history, literature, music, media, photography, leadership, etc. GIA wants to give students the opportunity to practice language, live with host families, attend camps with American students, explore career options, and earn additional credit.

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University Credit

University credit for high school students/dual credit is an initiative developed by Andrews University to celebrate the addition of GIA to the Andrews family. This program is an amazing opportunity for academy juniors and seniors to earn university credit whilst studying in high school.

The benefits of taking dual credit courses are enormous. These are real university advanced placement classes and are approved and accepted by all universities in the University of California higher education system and transferrable to almost all other universities in the US. Schools can combine their high school credit program with the university credit program in the same school term. By delivering this program, schools enhance its teaching force with teaching staff from Andrews University. The dual credit program is a unique aspect of a Griggs affiliated school and we are very proud to offer these courses.

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Calling all film makers! GIA's Rise Up FILM COMPETITION allows students to compete with others in GIA schools worldwide. Students can create short films in the categories of Narrative, Documentary, and Animated. Films can be entered free of charge into the Indy Shorts International Film Festival presented by Heartland Film: High School Film Competition with a chance to win up to $2000.

Students can also receive Fine Arts high school credit for their film creations if created as part of a Fine Arts course.

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