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Whichever GIA program you would like to operate, GIA and Griggs China can provide you with extensive support and guide you hand in hand to make your school successful and outstanding.


1. If you are interested in becoming an affiliated partner, please email us at admin@griggs.cc or call our office. Staff will reply to you within 24 hours during weekdays or 72 hours during weekends or public holidays.

2. The office will send you a survey and application form to collect the relevant information regarding your eligibility to run an American style school in your location.

3. Once complete, the survey and application form will be sent back to us together with supportive documents and photographs of your facilities.

4. A delegate will be sent to visit your city and talk with the investors and school management team.

5. The GIA Academic Committee will conduct a review of all of the materials collected and make a recommendation on the affiliate partnership.

6. Once affiliation is confirmed, a contract will be drafted, reviewed, and signed by each party.

7. The affiliation fee will then be paid, and the contract is formally implemented.





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